Monday, May 2, 2011


After watching Coffee and Cigarettes, a hip as fuck indie film, Ian Daly, Pete Hodgins, Steve Woj., and I starting making edits and referring to ourselves and everything we stand for as Beers and Spliffs. You can check out our vimeo page here to see all of our edits from this season (including some documentation of Ian and I's cross-crountry drive) but I went ahead and posted a few of the edits here. Hope you dig em!

an edit I made for strapdup

first edit of the season

DAY @ NERFSTER from Beers & Spliffs on Vimeo.

an edit for a vitamin water contest

A Minute of Keeks from Beers & Spliffs on Vimeo.

boreal's still open and been boardin' there all weekend so we'll probably still be able to put out another edit before winter's officially OVER..keep urself posted!

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